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Why Delta IPMA being a voluntary body, the membership is purely driven by a person’s desire to excel in his/her chosen profession & to make his/her profession the chosen one! It being a Non Profit body, there are no membership fees of any kind whatsoever. Anybody & everybody who is a part of this profession or wishes to be in it can join.

However we do demand commitment & dedication of the highest order from all our members. Commitment towards developing themselves & dedication towards their profession are the only prerequisites to our membership.

IPMA will offer the following services to all its members. Rather, the members will offer the following services to each other & to their profession:

1. Organise all the members of the profession into a unified body focused onto the task of furthering the collective of all its members & the profession itself. While the organisation will itself strive to become the identifiable voice of the Purchase community, each of its members can look forward to becoming the voice of their respective organisations.

2. Conduct trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences about different subjects & topics relevant to members & community with aim of continually upgrading knowledge & skills of participants.

3. Organise regular meets & get-togethers of the members to bring them closer to each other, foster networking & provide opportunities of cooperative development amongst the profession.

4. To conceptualize, plan & publish Purchase+, a monthly magazine of the Association & make it the undisputed mouthpiece of the professional buying community.

5. To represent the purchase profession on various fora & provide its members an opportunity of being heard at locations & platforms that matter.


Why Delta • Become an important part of the community of your chosen profession, contribute to it & be respected as a Leader of the profession.

• Learn Share or Teach, as the case may be depending upon your experience & expertise.

• Keep abreast of the latest changes taking place in the function.

• Share resources, suppliers, open up your horizon for a better choice of your vendor development programme.

• Unlimited high quality & high value networking opportunities in the professional community & opportunities to meet & interact with the leaders of the corporate world.

• Access to trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. of the best standards which would otherwise cost huge amounts of money.

• Solve your purchasing problems, doubts, seek & get clarifications, references & the like.

• Get an opportunity to receive & develop Purchase+the monthly news magazine of the purchase world & soon to be the voice of the industry.

Be Heard Find your due place in the community of the best Purchase professionals. Discover your footing. Discover your true identity, show it to the world. You have a lot of ideas & thoughts; share them. Be heard & respected for your insight. You have existed till now, start living the life to the professional fullest. IPMA is the right platform to bring your knowledge, skills & experience to the fore. Share, learn & teach to be counted amongst the top professionals in your chosen domain.

Network You will find the best names from the industry here. Why, you will find most of the industry here. Purchase professionals from diverse industries, domain experts from your own sector…all forming a gigantic network of well-wishers. You can meet them yourself or have us introduce you. Contacts matter a lot in this world. Leverage upon our network to network with the best. Trust us to guide you through the whole process flawlessly.

Rise You are successful, be more so. Rise over the common professionals. Use our platform to rise above the rest. IPMA can open a world of opportunities for you. From better vendors to better jobs, we have it all. Our Founders, guides & mentors will also help you unravel a new way of achieving excellence that will make you organisation & bosses feel proud of your abilities. Develop yourself, enhance your competencies, refine your knowledge, and sharpen your acumen to rise to the top of not only your profession but also your organisation.

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