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About Us

a. Who we are

The Purchase function is one of the most important pillars of an organisation especially in case of large scale manufacturing & project execution companies. Purchase professionals are not merely buyers of goods & services. They also supply the manufacturing & execution personnel with all resources needed for the manufacturing or proper execution.

The Indian Purchase Management Association (IPMA) is an association of professionals who are decision makers in the process of buying goods or services of all types for their organisations. It essentially encompasses functional areas variously styled as:

a. Purchase
b. Materials
c. Sourcing
d. Buying
e. Procurement
f. Sub-Contracting
g. Off Shoring
h. Out Sourcing
i. Vendor Development
j. Contract Manufacturing
k. Logistics

IPMA is the first & only voluntary, Non-Profit association of purchase professionals in India.

IPMA is styled as a voluntary Non Profit self-help body of Purchase professionals formed with a view to bring together, on a common platform, all the professionals who are or want to be a part of the Purchase profession.

b. Objectives

1. Provide a platform for all people currently associated with the purchase profession or wanting to get into it, to come together as a distinct functional community for mutual benefits.
2. Act as the de facto professional body of the purchase profession representing the ambitions & aspirations of not only the members but also promoting the growth of the purchase profession & function at large.
3. To create new standards, SOPs, benchmarks & milestones for the advancement of the buying community.
4. To create a huge knowledge bank of useful information & experience that can be utilised by all as & when needed.
5. To further educate, refine, revamp & reestablish the buying community’s place as one of the key driving factors of an organisation.
6. A place for the budding professionals to learn, for the experts to share their knowledge & experience & for the veterans, a place to teach & give back to the profession.

c. Vision

Our vision is to make the Purchase profession & its practicing professionals, the key drivers of an organisation’s growth & profits.

d. Mission

IPMA’s mission is to be the best professional association in the country, guide its members to the top of their respective organisations & make the Purchase profession the biggest contributor to an organisation’s bottom line.

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